Foxhunt (2?) is coming!

I had such a good experience releasing Foxhunt on that I want to do it again... bigger, foxier, puzzlier... hopefully faster now that I've had the experience and written the code backbone. Note here that 2019 in the title and banner does not constitute a guarantee that the full game will come out in 2019! And it won't be called that... what am I, EA? I don't know what it will be called, probably just "Foxhunt" again. But for real this time...

My plan is to make the game 5 times longer, which would mean three-four hours of gameplay for most of my users, and release it here and on Steam for a real price (not just a donation as it was for the first chapter).

In the interest of keeping my followers here following, and to keep myself motivated and sharing, I am kicking off this devlog to document the process of turning my 45-min gamelet into a four-hour, multi-sitting puzzle game. So stay tuned!


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This pleases me greatly!! 


Love  Foxhunt, and if you were to open pre-orders I'd be there buying as soon as I could.
I doubt I am the only one.


Very glad I followed you for updates - this is great news


So glad to hear that you have decided to continue this very promising project. Your game has everything to become a timeless classic.


Agreed, this is good news. Had fun with the first chapter and was following you to see if more comes of it.


This is great news! I loved the original game. Good luck!!


I had a blast playing the original game, looking forward to this version!