First New Puzzles

At the art gallery in January, I had my first new puzzles up and working.

This mountain world is based (at least in the first half) around stone-stacking puzzles. 

Stack stones up in the right order, and you get access to the rest of the mountain.

Of course, at the gallery opening, some kids came along and solved the entire first half of this world within ten minutes (and I didn't expect anyone to finish it). I will be making the puzzles a bit harder for them!

Sorry it's been so long between posts. As mentioned, the show was in January, a long time ago. I have been working on other creative projects in the meantime, including another little (and completely different) itch game... Oh, Snake! check it out.


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beautiful work, keep it up!


oh man why does your game looks so beautiful? PS, im also creating low poly game!

oh man thanks a lot!

I recommend getting the post-processing "look" developed earlier than later. It sure helps me get through the work to look at pretty polys every day instead of flat gray or something.