Revision v1.1.02

*possible spoilers below. Don't read unless you've already played and are interested in the minutiae...*

-elevator button spamming. Now you can't queue up button pushes the way it was before, you have to wait until the elevator is all the way up or down for the buttons to do anything. This caused me to have to rethink the way the elevator comes back down when you are not in it. It takes longer to come back down now.

-suncube/apse spamming. Now the apse shutters won't queue up opening and closing operations if you insert and take back a cube faster than it can handle. Kinda clunky: the animation just fast forwards and plays once the cube is either in or out... it won't wait til the animation is done playing like before... but at least this means it can't get out of sync with itself.

-suncube loss through the walls. I can't guarantee it won't ever happen if you're really trying, but putting an item through a wall and dropping it into the void should be a lot harder now. I added a collider around held items that should disable dropping the item while it's through a wall.

-item suspended in midair. Clicking quickly in the 0.5 seconds an item was on its way from the ground to your hand caused the item to hang suspended in midair with their physics off! Not sure, but I hope this solves Ray10K's crazy key glitch too.

-screen/cursor lock issues. It was on "CursorLockMode.Confined" before, but now it's on "CursorLockMode.Locked". Should also be able to alt tab out, come back, and have the cursor RElock.

-shadow issues. Now there are only two quality settings, BOTH of which have adequate shadow draw distances to see where the apse is pointing. D'oh. Sorry guys. I think "medium" might have been the default before.... UGH! It's "high" now.

-Are you sure? Added a menu that asks are you SURE you want a New Game (and erase your progress)? ...for DynAhmed. : )

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