New MacOS Build for Catalina

I've been informed (thanks maladroit) the original Foxhunt no longer works on a mac, probably due to Catalina's strict 64-bit architecture.

Here is a new build for my apple people! Hope this works (I don't have a mac handy to test it on)!

Files (untested Catalina build) 39 MB
70 days ago

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Seems like I need a mac running Catalina to pull some sort of xcode post-build magic and validation process. I just don't have the hardware or time for this...


I already played on my home PC, but I saw this update from my work MacBook and thought I'd give it a try.

When I attempt to open the app, I get this error:

Well, dammit. Thank you.

Putting the old one back up til I can get on a mac...