New MacOS Build for Catalina

I've been informed (thanks maladroit) the original Foxhunt no longer works on a mac, probably due to Catalina's strict 64-bit architecture.

Here is a new build for my apple people! Hope this works (I don't have a mac handy to test it on)!

Files (untested Catalina build) 39 MB
Jan 23, 2020

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Seems like I need a mac running Catalina to pull some sort of xcode post-build magic and validation process. I just don't have the hardware or time for this...


I already played on my home PC, but I saw this update from my work MacBook and thought I'd give it a try.

When I attempt to open the app, I get this error:

Well, dammit. Thank you.

Putting the old one back up til I can get on a mac...

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A little bit late(well a lot)
This is not the game's fault. Mac denies access to apps downloaded from the internet, especially because it may contain virus that could harm the computer.  To get the game running, u have to open Terminal(it's a software on every mac).

Then right the following commands:

 - cd application path( If you don't know what that is search it up, it should look somthing like this, cd Users/User/Downloads/Foxhunt_v1.1.03_Mac)

 - cd Contents/MacOS

- chmod +x *

then open settings -> security and privacy -> general  and there u should see the option to open anyway

And that should let the game run

Edit: found a good reply on one of the apple discussion threads that explains this more easily,