First Revision: v.1.1.01

*possible spoilers below. Don't read unless you've already played and are interested in the minutiae...*

Losing an item in the Apse: I took the experiences of AlphaBetaGamer and gametheory very seriously and fixed a few things that made it possible to lose a critical item inside the 'Apse'. I mean, you can still ram into the collider and spam click with a suncube in your hand to FORCE it to drop inside, but I don't think anyone who's not intentionally trying to break it will pull that off.  Also, you can just click again to suck it back out of the Apse if that happens now. But what I really need is some system to retract an item in your hands before it goes through a wall and you can drop it never to be seen again, as archinax describes in the basement. I'll work on it...

Having to restart: Also, ABG describing the above bug as "game-ending" and "have to restart [from the beginning?]" made me worry that people don't realize the game is saving. Now there is a new item on the in-game menu (Esc) "Reload from save" to drive that point home. It's handier now... before you would have had to exit back to the menu and then "Continue".

A couple other gamer quality-of-life suggested by playthroughs from Ray10K and CrypticHybrid. Long Boards now called "Plank". Sure, why not? XD  The Red light thing hopefully doesn't look like it might be an interactable hatch now. The shadow shift up the apse takes a second longer now, and is hopefully more noticeable. Since some people are giving up looking for the red and blue light graffiti, increased their range (how close you have to be with an activated suncube to make it glow) so they'd be slightly easier to find.

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