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  I LOVE IT!                                                                                                  And I have some suggestion too.

 I don't know whether other thinking like me or not.                                                                          

 But some times I think it's weird that the fox disappear but it has no gap or hole that the fox can hide.                                                                                                                                                                         I think it  will make more sense if you add some hole that only the fox can fit in it.

And it have one scene that you need to solve the puzzles in the basement and you got locked in it. And now I think the fox is evil. So it will make sense if the fox leave  some note that say some thing like this "If you really want to meet me. You should solve this fist" And you should put some invisible wall in front of the door.

But the overview of this game is good. It's so challenging  relaxing and burn my head some times too.

     I hope you can understand my bad English.


I absolutely loved this game, the music was so relaxing and puzzles challenging, actually I made a mistake early in the game which I think caused me some problems but I loved it. I really wanted to see more of the fox and would have loved to have some interaction at the end with him / her as it seemed to be the premise of the game. I really hope you expand on this game, it was such a pleasure to play. Anomalina, I would also love to contribute 10 bucks to support you however I don't see any links or way to do that, can you point me in the right direction :)

I have linked my video which I've made as a walkthrough, I have shortcuts there for anyone that gets stuck on any part... :)


Thanks Sara!

Good suggestions. A lot of people miss that the fox is sitting atop the central structure, waiting for the sun with you at the end. It's not really an interaction, he looks at you, then back at the sun... but I wanted to let you know he IS there at least. But, yeah more closure would be nice! Gonna have to wait for the full game!

To drop me a few bucks, you can just click download again, and it will ask you whether you want to pay something for it or go straight to downloads! I understand, you didn't know you appreciated the game until AFTER you played! : )


Hi Anomalina

 Ah!!!  I'll have to go back to the video and take a look, I didn't see him :) I download games through the platform, not direct on the download links on the game pages so that doesn't actually come up with the option to pay.... and yes it's always nice to play the games first before making the decision. I am really looking forward to the full game !!!

Thanks for making such a beautiful game <3


Beautiful game! It was quite a relaxing experience and I really loved the way you pick the options and clues. 

I did end up soft-locking the game by accident, though. I dropped the key while in front of the "shelf" with the wooden board and the wire line, and after messing around I pushed the shelf on the key, making it impossible to get the key back unless I reloaded. 

Another complaint I have is that the game is too bright that I can barely see things that aren't on the edge of my vision , I'm not sure if it's the game, or my screen. But I happened to drop the wooden board somewhere  while exploring  and looking for it when it I needed it was a tad tedious.

With that being said, it was fun solving the clues and playing hide-and-seek with the fox. Thanks for the game!


And THIS is the reason I play primarily indie games. Original graphic style, innovative puzzles, great surprises and always feeling like you're in the middle of a well thought-out experience.  Here's 10 bucks.


Wow! Thanks so much!

And THIS is the reason I'm gonna make more... : )


I absolutely love this game! The graphic were beautiful, game play mechanics were great, the puzzles were challenging but not too hard. The only issue is it over heat my laptop from time to time, but other wise no issue. I really hope you continue on this, as a series. Best Indie game I`ve played in a long time! 


Great little game, really atmospheric and pretty. Just a minor bug is that if you collect the cards out of order they remain out of order in your card "deck". It might be nice if they auto-sorted themselves, so that the rightmost card is always the one most relevant to the current puzzle.

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congratulations, this is the only game that has ever crashed my entire computer (on mac).

edit: tried with the lowest resolution possible, not even close. 0 fps instantly and it took nearly three minutes to exit.



This is a lovely game. Beautiful aesthetic, fun gameplay, great music. Thank you for making it!

Deleted post

Ha ha... i was a little worried when your thumbnail shows my fox in a crosshair, but it seems like you eventually got into it! Thanks for the vid. Need a hint? : )

Deleted post
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dang my computer cant handle every fps game on and gamejolt

and im getting mad ...well i guess i will get a new gaming computer

Sorry, mate  : (

I will try and figure out how to lower the graphics settings like AA and moblur in-game. So far, lowering the res is the best you can do... hell, even my parents' 6 year old Dell could run it okay (maybe 20 fps), at a low enough res. And IMO, on my own game, as long as you can still read the clue cards, there's not much need for everything to be sharp...


yeah guess thats okay thanks for the support man

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Amazing nice little game.

A bug happened to me , i found the second " 4 block space pop-up pillar" before opening the door . The door opened , and I did the puzzle , but when I had to exit , the door was closed and i had to restart from the last save. ( Hope my bad english is understandable).

I have a little suggestion , maybe the " hint cards" should be readable from the time you get them , till the end of the game.

Keep it up man , nice work.

You couldn't get out of the basement to collect all four suncubes? The basement door closes on you (should be AFTER you put all four suncubes on the table)  to make sure you solve the first 4 block pillar and get a clue before you try the second... hmm, lemme check into it.

And RE: the hint cards. They are readable whenever you want... press TAB. There are instructions!! : )

Glad you liked it anyway, despite some undue extra effort... thanks!


Thank you for the clarifications , so there is not a single problem I can find in this little game :D
I have to repeat myself , this game is amazing.
Keep it up with this good work!


Really enjoyed this game! I give my thoughts at the end of the video but I'll just sum it up here that I thought the progression of the puzzles was well thought out as far as pacing and visual cues and that it was a smart idea to keep the world looping and small. 

Love the clue design, the card interface, and the little underlying story that also manages to have an ominous feel to it. The world itself was laid out well. Great choice to keep a blank color palette that allows the lighting, shadow, and coloring of the puzzles to stand out. 

The fox is also a perfect character design that's easily transferable into other games and recognizable. The ending was wonderful. Loved everything about this. Short and sweet!

I really only had two issues. I had the option for medium or high play quality and I always play games on the highest settings, yet this ran terribly for me on high. There was a lot of stuttering and jumping and most frustrating was that the camera would flip 180 degrees for seemingly no reason, causing me to face the opposite direction without warning and it happened throughout.

When I did the speedrun, I chose medium quality instead and that resolved the camera flip issue and everything played fine at that point. The only other minor potential issue is one someone else here mentioned where I dropped the key near the pylon and almost couldn't pick it back up.

I'm not sure how well the game is optimized but I did notice the captured footage was over 30GB and that's way more information than any of the more graphic intensive games with more involved mechanics I've played, which consistently only amount to around 1GB for the same length of footage. Not sure what's going on there.

Regardless, great job and good luck with future games!

That was great! Thanks Tench! You're really fun to watch (subbed :) ). 

Damn, sorry about the mouse issues, I have no idea. I coded in some mouse acceleration, maybe that is ill-advised if your mouse is like... doing its own and... doubling it up? It seemed like it was fine most of the time, but then the frame-rate would have a hitch, and the mouse accel. would massively over-compensate by flipping you. Shit. Sorry. Options to turn off the mouse accel. and the mo-blur, I think is called for.

That's interesting about the capped footage... all I can think of is I put "grain" post-proc on the image... which would tend to foil some vid compression schemes.

'Apse', man. Yeah, I think this fox's language is probably waaaay too ornate for a lil beastie... : )


I wrote a review of this game here if you are interested in reading. Great little adventure game. Looking forward to more of your work. :)


Amazing! Thank you very much! Great review, I'll send on to my uncle...

(most of your gripes are on my list...)


That was amazing. You did a great job on this game. If it was longer I think it would be a game you could make quite a bit of money off of.


From your mouth to Gabe's ears...!


why i cant find that thing

the atmosphere is really great... we really feel this game like we are inside

Beautiful, creative, and fun!

I'm convinced there's something you can do with the "stone" that you can pick up, but which doesn't seem to have a purpose :)

As the sun set on this beautiful game, I was definitely left wanting more.

Thank you for creating it!


This is an absolutely beautiful game and I am so glad I got to play it! The Fox was so well animated ( a bit of an unsettling little guy). Your suggestion of about an hour game play is correct, no need to brute force anything, just gotta be curious and explore the world a bit. The ending legitimately caused me a bit of panic. I realize that this took you a very long time to make, but it was well worth it! I hope you are able to make more puzzley games in the future. <3 

Thank you!! I can't wait to get to more, thanks largely to the nice comments like yours.


I loved this game! It was so peaceful and it really focusses your mind. It was very cleverly set out as well! (a bit too clever for me though, i had to look at a tutorial 2 or 3 times..) 

What tutorial did you look at? You mean one of these play-throughs in the comments?


That was the best hour of my life (it took me awhile to figue out the 1 self puzzle)



hey, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this, loved the combination of calmness and creepiness in the atmosphere and the way the world looped around. definitely looking forward to another chapter if there ever is one!


Breathtaking game, sincerely, reminded me so much of Journey.

The music is really good and the quality of the puzzles is on point.

Very well done!

Im not sure if this is a bug, but on the second shelf puzzel i put all the cubes on the shelf except i couldnt put the blue cube on the top shelf or any other cube. Am I missing something?

Yes. you are missing something. How could you get that cube up there?


No idea, but thanks for telling me instead of me spamming the mouse

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This game is absolutely wonderful! It was the first game I played on a new computer that iI got recently, and I enjoyed every second of it. It was ectremely tricky in some places, but not too hard to be fun. Great job! I will say that the graphics can be a bit intense for older machines.


Are you gonna make part 2? 

Also I loved the game, once I finished playing it I recommended it to my friends. Great work!


Really blown away by your work, loved the clever use of cards. Really slick puzzles, nice and simple but interesting enough to make you feel clever. Took me 45 minutes to finish, but damn I will remember this game more than others I've played for tens of hours. 


Thanks man. I was intrigued by your name, and checked out "Blooming" for about 20 minutes. Very restful. You should expand it!


Thank you! I'm expanding it with a day/night cycle (mushrooms and fireflies!)  also porting it to Unity, want to get more familiar with it. :)


Just played through this game! Really nice :)

I thought I'd mention I found a bug, when holding the key, I walked over to the correct pylon and accidentally dropped it on the ground on the back side of the pylon.
This then caused the key to vanish inside the small rock. And I had to randomly click around until I got lucky and could pick it up again.

Again, great work on the game, hope to see more in the future!

Sorry 'bout that. Can you believe I thought I could get away without colliders on everything? Naw, there's always gonna be a player who drops it in juuuuust the right spot, LOL.


Same thing happend to me, but i was forced to start from my last save


Hello, Henning Koczy - Matthew L. Hornbostel - 'matthornb' here. I have a few things on Itch.IO right now but only stuff in the 'game assets' section, no actual games yet.

As a fellow indie game dev who is actively learning to use Unity, your game is really an inspiring example of what an individual can build with this engine. I'm impressed.

Your use of lighting, your animations, interactions & puzzle design are all quite solid and your uncle did an amazing job setting the mood with the music. 

I have to admit I'm a sucker for the sort of atmospheric exploration puzzler you've created, I'm an acknowledged fan of the Myst series despite the flaws and age of that series, and I love exploring imaginative  game worlds in first person view, and I enjoy solving puzzles, especially when they do things that are creative design-wise. I appreciate this 'The Witness' style of minimalist art you used here, it works well in this case and I personally feel your little game world is fascinating. I cannot help wondering what you would do in terms of design, world and puzzle wise, if you made a 'Foxhunt 2'.

Puzzle/adventure games, and puzzle platformers, seem to be a great category for indies and solo devs. 'Braid', 'Fez' and 'Gorogoa' are some outstanding examples of inventive puzzle, art, and game design done primarily by a single developer. Games like those - along with a number of notable but somewhat smaller projects like yours - inspire me creatively and give me some degree of hope that maybe I can make a game myself, on my own terms, and have it turn out well. 

I am not really in a great position to back you right now but I will donate at least a few dollars as a thank you for this beautiful game when it's reasonable for me to do so. 

(Right now I've got my own projects like Miniature Multiverse which are my top priority as far as budgeting is concerned. Once that launches, though, especially if it does at all well, I'd like to give back a bit to other developers working in the graphic adventure genre. Basically anyone who I think could push the genre into new and fascinating directions. You're one of those people now, I think, and I'd like to support - and play - whatever game you create next. )

I love all those games you mention... I barely play any games, but I managed to catch all of THOSE... and of course MYST when I was younger. I actually fell down a Myst hole after reading your comment, went to your fansite and had to watch that whole 'Origin of...' video and the postmortem... damn. Inspiring. I was surprised to see ol' Robyn and Rand say some of the things that I say about games lately... especially about wanting a place, not a game, not an experience, nor even necessarily a story...

Anyway, I'm totally inspired now... more worlds after this first little taste (or 'Ages' if you will, haha) has been the plan, as soon as I find another spare 300 hours...

Oh... i totally bought realMyst and my favorite of the series, Riven, to replay on Steam. Back to my roots!


Hello Anomalina it's me again I  twittered about your game and Indiewatch wants to post your game on their Website i hope you are fine with this because this a very good opportunity  please keep up the good work you are great :D

Sounds great to me! Thanks! I guess I should get a twitter, huh? So I know when people are doing that...

Haha ye the post was seen by 700 people (and I posted it today ^^) btw i'll write the review on indiewatch and I will send you the link to it when it is finished ^^

I guess I'll go with this old one.. @statelycoach.

anomalina is already taken...! Thanks for the tweets again.


Found a bug! (My GF did, actually)


When you arrange the color cubes correctly on the outside, to open de apse... If you put first Yellow and Blue, then Red, and BEFORE putting the Green one you hit the Red cube with your body (trying to reach the green placeholder, for example) you can make it go outside and fall, but after you put the Green Cube, the Apse will open anyways, with the Red Cube outside it, being able to take it to the Apse without needing to block the entrance with the plank.



Yeah, definitely... i've done it a few times. I either need to make the "seated" cubes non physical so you can't bump them out, or make the "seating" position-based, not event-based, as mentioned before. As it is now,  you can bump it out physically without the game registering that the hole you put it in is now empty.


Hey ^^ your game is really fun and well made :D awesome d

ude . I just made a Youtube video about it :) I am looking forward to see your games in the future ^^


I love this game so much!!love you dude


It's truly amazing! The fox animation is godlike. Great job!


Thanks! Animation is my day job... so I made a world where i can show THAT off, my strength... and not so much of the modeling and texturing! :)

Well, it works really well! ^_^


awesome game dude. prob one of the best puzzle games ive ever had, keep up the good work. also could you deliver a message to the fox for me? tell him im stuck on the part where it says look under the cube at the end of the line. id appreciate if he gives me a hint/clue on what to do


Try looking around for the line.


Really good work. Having the fox animate on twos was a pretty clever move.

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Nice dude... good eye. Yeah I started wanting it smoothed out, then realized, he moves fast enough and it looks cool enough to leave it on steps...! Save me a buncha work.

I loved it ! Very good atmosphere, puzzles are balanced, a really enigmatic fox, I'm curious if there is a next episode !  I want to meet The Fox again ~

Puzzles are balanced, except maybe about the "☐" during the last puzzle, who is a bit different than others about how to find it.

I deduced the color of "☐", so I finished the game without understanding why it was that. But, a friend tried the game after seeing me playing and he found how to do. So I was a bit frustrated because I had a similar idea but it didn't work well haha!  I wanted to push the button quickly and go outside, but I was on the doorstep when I wanted to push the button. But if you are on the side of the button, you can't pushing it. So after that, I thought it was impossible to cross the barrier. But in reallity, you have to be inside to push the button. And I didn't notice that I had the time to go outside after pushing it ! (I hope it's clear haha)

So it's not a big problem finally ! I should have tried more time. But I think it was important to tell you ! And after that I tried to imagine new therories during at least 30min, to find the good color X'D

By the way, I noticed a little glitch, I made a clip of that on Twitch (yes I was streaming during my test :D)

I will be glad to play again!
Good luck for the future ~

Awesome game! I got stuck on a puzzle but I'm sure I'll figure it out in the next episode.


Beautiful game. I only had trouble with one part of the last puzzle which i ended up just brute forcing. Couldn't figure out the view from the top clue. Apart from that all the puzzles were great


This was a wonderful experience throughout, very clever uses of environmental puzzles and a calming soundtrack. This is a wonderful first game coming from you and I can't wait to see more coming from you!

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