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looooooooooooooooved it!


You haven’t posted for a bit on your Twitter or the 2020 game page—I hope you’re doing ok! I rlly liked the first chapter of the 2020 version (which I prob played a few months ago), and I was thinking abt it again today. Even if you don’t make progress on the game, that’s totally ok! It’s just good to hear from you n know you’re still kicking.

Doing great! The reason I'm not active is because I'm working on a VR mini-golf game with my friend. Walkabout Mini Golf. I even made foxhunts for each of the courses. I owe you a devlog about it. I'll get back to this, but right now mini golf is taking all my world creation and puzzle design energy.

That’s totally fair! Sounds like a cool project!!


this game is so engaging, the storyline you've built is so intriguing. the music you picked adds so much to the atmosphere. i love the overall style of this game. i cant wait to see what you make next! 


I NEED a chapter 2!!! so much fun. Puzzles were challenging, but not enough to make me throw my computer across the room, and thankfully no math lol. Keep up the good work! Hope to see more games soon!


Love the puzzles in the game having lots of fun

Thanks, man.


Hey! I'm also in the process of creating a game that looks like yours and I have a question that might seem strange to you. I would like to know how you manage to adjust the difficulty of the puzzles. Because in my case, I feel like they are too easy for some and too difficult for others. So thanks if you answer me. P.S. You inspired me a lot to create my game =)

If you want to see a little part of my game


Cheers! Well in my case, I can just change the wording on the clue cards. Give more or less of a hint based on the words or pictures I use. 

Of course, there are certain puzzles in the desert chapter that need solving without a clue card, and those were always the toughest to modulate. I found exactly the same... my testers would either get it immediately or get stuck for 20 minutes. It's not the end of the world if one puzzle presents more of a challenge to a certain player than the others, as long as most everyone is getting through, and its not consistently ONE part everyone gets stuck at. I just have to trust that by then they are engaged enough to keep thinking about it for 20 minutes. 

One more advice: don't trust your own feelings on how hard the puzzles are. There is no substitute for playtesting.

I will follow your game! I want to play a puzzle game like mine, that's why I made it, haha.


This was a great experience! Certainly a fun time and I appreciate the ability to play it. It took me ages to work out how to get the blue cube to the top of the ledge. XD I had to glitch through the box and only after working further did I realize I could move it! Ha ha.

Thanks for feedback like that! You were not alone... I'll think harder and test more how to present these puzzles on the next one..


dude why its not fucking free


I don't understand the dickishness. Also you can choose not to pay me... and still dl the game. Enjoy. Dick.


Wow, this was amazing! Is that ending sequel bait?

Oh fer sure...

I accidentally dropped a red suncube trough a wall and I wasn't able to pick it up again.

Sorry! I guess the colliders aren't as airtight as I hoped... they will be in the next one.


Great game tbh! Really got me thinking, and was enjoyable especially in a time when we're all sitting at home, bored with nothing to do. Stay safe everyone.

P.S. This was written in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Could you please have a slider for motion blur? this triggered my motion sickness :P other than that it's really good

Will do, for sure, in the next one.

Oh. Is it the lack of motion blur that causes sickness... or the presence of it? Anyway, I'll have it be an option for sure.


Awesome game!


Beat it in about 40 minutes. This is one of the CUTEST games I think i've ever played. I loved it so much. ^_^

Thank you very much, DB. Cute and short! 

I'm working hard on more content for ya!


just made a video on this AMAZING game... full walkthrough but with comentary, facecam, and good reactions :)


Wow, thanks dude'bro! You were fun to watch while you figured it out. You struggled with that plank ramp, but damn, that last puzzle you pretty much got the fastest I've ever seen it... gratifying to see it done the way I intended it. Thank you for capping and calling it "amazing".

There will indeed be another one coming up (I'm currently 150 hrs in), but I'm afraid it won't be free! : )


Thank you for the reply and im glad you enjoyed the video. Im excited to see what your new foxhunt game will be like and hopefully I can get it. 


FYI the mac version doesn't work in OSX Catalina without some terminal interventions (I had to chmod + x the executable to get it to to open)

(1 edit)

Thanks for the heads up! I'll push a new build out soon.

I see from news stories that Catalina is breaking a lot of things... : /

I rebuilt the mac download from a newer 2019 version of Unity. I hope it works! I can't really test it from my bedroom here...

Seems like I need a mac running Catalina to pull some sort of post-build xcode magic and validation process. I just don't have the hardware or time for this...


There are not enough puzzle/escape room style games that are cute and lighthearted instead of horror Stylization. This is a very cute game that take you on a short journey to learn the rules of this world and escape it. the view controls have a few issues, but otherwise it a well put together game well worth the time to play through.


i absolutely love this game. i first found it while playing "you left me" then i played it and fell in love with it, now a year later and my first year into college i went crazy looking for it because i didnt add it to my collection and couldnt find it anywhere. amazing job, i cant wait to play the full game, ive been playing this "chapter" over and over whenever i feel bored or stressed or simply just miss it.


That is such an amazingly nice thing to hear, Artis! I'm glad it brings you joy, or relaxation. You're the first person I've heard of who will revisit just to be in the world again: Because you miss it. That is probably the top thing I love about the games I fall in love with... so it is very satisfying and invigorating to hear it about my own game. Thank you.


i for fall forever achievement.



Just a little joke between you and I.  Ha ha.


I submitted this to a blind racing tournament. Thought you might be interested in watching the video:

Heh, cool... i feel like cos it was a "race", they both panicked at the end and tried to just press buttons. Interesting tho, i definitely learned some things.


This game is amazing! I love the soundtrack,  the graphics, pretty much everything! It was challenging, but it was still fun


Insta follow. Looking forward to see your game :)


Loved Your Game!! Very Challenging Towards The End But It Was Awesome!! Made A Vid For Zee Channel, Check It Out Here: 

Took Me A While I Know, But I Didn't Want To Cut Any Of It So I Could Show Peeps That I Actually Managed To Figure It Out!!!

Heh... that was great, thanks for your playthrough, dude.

I was on the edge of my seat at the end there... will he get it!!? So...

Spoiler: if you want to know why color 8 and 2 are blue: Yellow is the first color the sun can be, blue is the LAST color you can switch the sun to (and 2 is the same as the last). You also missed WHY III is yellow, but got it anyway... (check out the shadow from the top)

Ohhhh!!!! That Makes A Lot Of Sense!!! Sorry For The Late Reply But Damn, That's Some Well Made Puzzle Stuff There!!! I Probably Wouldn't Have Ever Thought Of That... Haha, Well I Somehow Got It In The End Anyway!!! Looking Forward To Your Next Project,  If Such A Project Exists!!! 


Very Nice!  There was one bug that I found.  When I was first following the prompt to pick up the yellow suncube, I put it back in it's slot and went outside.  When I went back to get it to put it in the outside slot, it wouldn't budge.  I had to stop and restart from the last save to fix it. :)

whoa, that's weird... thank you. I am gonna check this out.

(1 edit)

Sorry...forgot to mention it earlier.  I’m MacOS, older machine but that shouldn’t really matter. Let me know if you want me to go check it again.  Happy to help. :)

Can you replicate it? I can't.

I tried leaving the yellow suncube in its slot, moving it to the bottom slot, and also leaving it in the niche on the table. I can pick it up again either way...


This was such a cool little puzzle game! The mysteriousness  surrounding the world and the fox was really interesting and the puzzles were just the right level of difficult for a first chapter.

I look forward to seeing what the 'next world' has in store for us :D
(here's a little video of me trying the game out ;P)


This has honestly been one of my favorite puzzle games, I could tell you put a lot of time into this game and it really shows.  

;) thanks for making it ;)


I finally did it took me 1h 17m, totally worth it really nice game.

(1 edit)

What caused you the most trouble? Thanks for sticking with it.


This is far by the most interesting game I have played for quite a while 

thanks for making the game :)


I think you should draw more attention to the fox in the ending so it is a bit more clear that he is there. I noticed only after seing a comment about it and looking for it. 

You could do it by maybe have the world get a lot darker after the code is inputed and the fox is being a lightsource. Then you will see the fox looking up(the looking up could be repeated or more exagerated) and you will look up. That would also make the change in the amount of sunlight when the sun comes down much more visible.


That ending was really nice and the difficulty curve was perfect.

I just think that the rendering looks a bit noisy

That'll be the grain filter, I guess...

Too much eh?

a bit


Played you game and it was a fun experience. Wish it had more but it still loved it.


That was awesome! I love the ending so much! I hope you make more of these I would play them in a heartbeat! <3

In the way he also prepares you for it and gives you a final test befor the ending?


Amazing experience ! Can't wait to see a finished product . Good luck ! Much love <3

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I played this game, and it was really cool!

I liked the puzzles, the animations, and the music. My favorite parts are seeing the fox every now and then. I think my favorite puzzle was the last one, because it brought all the elements together. My favorite building is definitely the hut with the underground bunker.

However, it was a bit frustrating too. Sometimes trying to drop an object after examining it is less easy than it should be, and trying to balance examining with opening up tab to see the notes, it has a few rough edges.

The UI is generally awful, bland, and doesn't fit the game at all. If the whole UI looked like the main menu or the final note at the end, it would be much better. The notes system, however, was pretty good and I enjoyed the way you implemented that.

The "tutorial" isn't sufficient at teaching the controls for things like viewing the notes so far. Also, I was a bit disappointed that the previous notes weren't useful for the final puzzle. I thought it would have been cool if the previous notes somehow had clues for the final puzzle.

The sensitivity is all over the place. I couldn't find a sensitivity I was comfortable with, and I don't know why.

Sometimes it was hard to see the shapes clearly. Such as seeing that the front door of the "apse" was open when the rest of the windows were closed, or seeing the fox at the end (I never saw it, but only in other's play throughs). 

Also I wonder if there's an alternate ending? Like one where you don't get burned up by the sun?

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. I really can't put into words how much I liked this game, so I'll just show you my playthrough instead:


Please make more of this, I love it


I seem to be having trouble with the second activated suncube puzzle (The one where the note is partially ruined by water) I tried to put the suncube into the top slot by holding left click on the slot but it just partially zooms into the slot and doesn't put the cube into the slot. At first i thought i was too far away but i got as close as I could and still couldn't manage. I tried reloading the save and everything put it didn't fix it. The other cubes go into their slots fine its just the top one. I even tried to put a different coloured cube. No luck. I didnt have this problem with the other puzzle in the basement so im a little stumped. Im playing on mac too.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


P.S I love the art style!


Many people have some trouble at this point... because i'm sorta introducing a new KIND of puzzle late in the game. The problem is you can't reach up there, yes. That is a feature, not a bug. Look around in the environment for something to use to get up there...

Oh so it's part of the puzzle! Intriguing. I like it :)


I admire good puzzle games, and yours was one of the most engaging experiences I had in a long, long time. From the quality of the product overall to the ingeniousness of the puzzles, I loved every bit of this.

You've earned yourself a new follower. Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much! Wow!


this game is so good!! i loved the puzzles and the animation and everything was so smooth... i cant wait to see what you guys make next!


Wow. This not only looked fantastic but played fantastic too. Superb animations and lighting plus the sounds were just enough and not overly used to really get that immersion into it. If there is more coming this could be a really big indie hit and the cash that goes with it. I wish you well with this. Superb... :)


From your mouth to Gaben's ears!  : )

Thanks... very much thanks!


Does anyone know when the full game is coming out, because this is literally the best game I've played on here!!!<333


Damn, thanks! 

No one knows! Not even me... This one took 300 hours. With most of the R&D done, I expect this one with 4-5 times as much gameplay will take me 600 hours. Perhaps late 2019.

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