The Idea

My step-son Oscar brought this home from school one day and said it was a game where a snake goes crashing through walls of blocks that give you a different amount of points. I said "hey... that's not bad... I can see that..."

So the core idea of the game is making quick decisions where to steer your snake for the maximum amount of points. From there I added growing your snake with pills, shrinking your snake with block hits, different arrangements of blocks, and special power pills that give you the ability to destroy blocks without getting damaged.  Looking back again now, I certainly drifted from the CORE idea and wonder what the less "juicy," less "twitchy" version of this game would look like. I'm not sure I needed the explosions, special weapons or pills at all... what if you start with a hundred snake segments, and just see how long you can survive? What if the blocks were arranged ONLY in wall form, focusing the game less on dodging, more on quick decision-making?

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