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I loved it ! Very good atmosphere, puzzles are balanced, a really enigmatic fox, I'm curious if there is a next episode !  I want to meet The Fox again ~

Puzzles are balanced, except maybe about the "☐" during the last puzzle, who is a bit different than others about how to find it.

I deduced the color of "☐", so I finished the game without understanding why it was that. But, a friend tried the game after seeing me playing and he found how to do. So I was a bit frustrated because I had a similar idea but it didn't work well haha!  I wanted to push the button quickly and go outside, but I was on the doorstep when I wanted to push the button. But if you are on the side of the button, you can't pushing it. So after that, I thought it was impossible to cross the barrier. But in reallity, you have to be inside to push the button. And I didn't notice that I had the time to go outside after pushing it ! (I hope it's clear haha)

So it's not a big problem finally ! I should have tried more time. But I think it was important to tell you ! And after that I tried to imagine new therories during at least 30min, to find the good color X'D

By the way, I noticed a little glitch, I made a clip of that on Twitch (yes I was streaming during my test :D)

I will be glad to play again!
Good luck for the future ~

Awesome game! I got stuck on a puzzle but I'm sure I'll figure it out in the next episode.


Beautiful game. I only had trouble with one part of the last puzzle which i ended up just brute forcing. Couldn't figure out the view from the top clue. Apart from that all the puzzles were great


This was a wonderful experience throughout, very clever uses of environmental puzzles and a calming soundtrack. This is a wonderful first game coming from you and I can't wait to see more coming from you!

Gave it a go...

Really cute game. The ending wasn't what I expected, but it was a neat puzzle game to play.

Am I supposed to figure something out for when I must put the blue box at the top, or is it a glitch that I can't seem to be able to reach the topmost niche to place it in

How could you get up there? Look around. (not a glitch)


Very well made  game here. really like the aesthetic, very strong Witness vibes throughout. I would have hoped for some more challenging puzzles and maybe some ones revolving around perspective. Other then that I had a blast playing it even if it was only for 30 or so minutes :). Is this the final version or will this world be expanded upon? It would be cool to uncover more about this story and who this fox may be hiding from. That was probably one of the downsides the Witness has over a game like this, the story was almost nonexistent! Anyways, Good luck on your future development!

I'll expand it with more chapters if people like it enough! Seems like they do, I'm having a really good coupla weeks here due to the response!

RE: perspective puzzles. Yeah, I like those too, but ...can't crib TOO much from the Witness... ; )


Just another random thought. I had to open a notepad to memorize the order for the final puzzle. It might be an interesting mechanic to incorporate that into the game and develop puzzles around utilizing this notepad. Thanks for the great little experience :)

Dude, I really enjoyed this game! Doing a letsplay series on it. Absolutely gorgeous, and atmospheric. 


Really liked this game. Artwork, scenery and gameplay is fantastic.

Making the field infinite, looping thru the same scene all over again when reaching the borders is so clever to give the player a sense of a massive scene and liberty, when it actually is pretty small.

Having to walk around a building with a door that you can't open until you reach some point made me remind The Witness a lot, probably the most Witness-like thing in the game for me. That "hnnnng I want to get there" sensation is great.

Would have liked a little bit more difficult puzzles. Some of them are just doing literally what the fox asks you to do, but in general the experience is great and enjoyed every minute of it.


I would prefer a little harder myself... I tested on some young kids tho, and non-gamers... I'm thinking up a hard-mode...

Good point about the Big Mysterious Door and the importance of anticipation! (and the Witness comparison :) )

RE: infinite field... yeah, thanks! I didn't want another puzzle ISLAND (Myst, Witness...), so had to think of someway to bound it! :)


I loved this game and have recommended it to some of my friends. I hope the Dev comes out with more games. As I will definitely buy them. The only thing I want is more puzzles.


Thank you for this wonderful little game. The music was nice and relaxing and didn't get too repetitive. My first playthrough took me a bit over an hour (although when I finished, it said 43 minutes, but that may be because I quit and reloaded the game when I got stuck).

I found that performance (on a Mac) with Intel HD graphics (2018 Mac mini) was pretty slow. I didn't expect it to be wonderful, but it felt like I was moving through honey at times. I ran it 1280 x 720 in a window and found I had to have it on High as the janky shadows on medium really spoiled the look of the world.

** Potential Spoilers below **

Some of the things that I got stuck on:

1. I accidentally dropped the key at the start, and then couldn't find it again. I'm not sure how I dropped it, but I looked around and couldn't see it. I had to quit and reload to get back on track.

2. It took me a while to figure out that after placing the sun cubes in order that I could then go outside again.

3. I worked out the plank fairly quickly, but mainly because I accidentally read a spoiler here. As so few other elements in the environment are able to be interacted with, it would have taken me quite while to try and do something with it. One thing I did naturally try was to walk up it. Maybe if you run into it, it could get bumped, make a noise and rock around a little bit, giving a hint that it's not just static scenery?

4. The colours at the end required a bit of guesswork, but all the hints were there.

** /spoilers **

In terms of general UI/UX - it would be very handy to navigate the menus in the game with the arrow keys and use space/enter to activate menu items. When I brought up the menu in game, I sometimes wasn't able to select anything from the menu, so had to quit and relaunch the game.

With the cards, it's fine to have them brought up with Tab, that works very well for me however my natural inclination is to then hit Esc to get rid of them. This instead brought up the menu.

All in all however a quite enjoyable snack of a game. Thank you for all your hard work.

I hear ya on the UIUX menu nav thing. No one really likes it... I was trying to do a thing that matched the cluecard shuffling system in-game, but ended up skimping on the menu cos I wanted to be done. Sorry about the Mac issues, I just don't HAVE one to test on, so I'm going a little blind. I should probably have an option to remove moblur and possibly other niceties for a TRULY low/med-quality mode.

Thank you for enjoying it and leaving a comment nonetheless!

... and oh yeah... the timer will only save when the game saves. So if you wander around for a long time not making any progress, quit & reload the game forgets all that unproductive time and restarts from when you last made progress.

Thanks for the feedback - that's interesting re: the timer saving and it makes sense, it's like the shortest time you could have completed the game in.

You've done well making a Mac version of the game considering you don't have one to test on. On most iMacs they'll have a GPU that's better than the integrated graphics, it's only 12-inch and 13-inch laptops and the Mac mini that lack a dedicated GPU.

BUG: It looks gorgeous, but I seem to be stuck moving left at full speed after the first click on the fox.

Well... THAT is a really fuckin' weird one...


This game is absolutely adorable. The asthetics of the game, the story and the puzzles are fantastic. Not as hard as some other puzzle games but the last puzzle... or should I say riddles was the hardest out of them all. It took me at least 20 minutes to figure that out which calculated to most of my time on this game.

The wooden beam (as said by other commenters) did seem out of place as there was no introduction to enviromental mechanics anywhere else but this one section however, it was easy to figure out for the most part. 

Honestly, I did think that the ending was.... Well wasn't was I expected. I wouldn't say it was underwhelming, just that we were looking for the fox all thoughout the gameplay but in the end it felt like it didn't matter. 

The only mechanical problem was the menu system which used the same mechanic as the riddle scrolling in game. I felt like this was really out of place and even fiddly to move the cursor so I suggest using either W and S to move though the menu or use an actual cursor. It worked in game but it did feel a bit weird however, towards the end, I understood why that kind of mechanic was there.

Other than that, the game is fantastic and there is hardly anything to fault on the actual gameplay. More of the mechanical side to the game. I go in more depth in my video so I hope you enjoy. 

(1 edit) (+2)

I loved it! The aesthetic is super memorable, the length is just about perfect. I absolutely prefer this bite-sized package to obtuse first-person-puzzlers like The Witness or even Talos Principle. For me, those are like suffering through a bland soup just to get at a few good meatballs. This was like a delicious plate of pasta - just the right length to leave me wanting a bit more, but also easy to share.


I had to watch someone's Let's Play to figure out the wood beam to jam the door. Mechanically, it just seemed a little out of place as it was the only time you really use an object from the environment that doesn't seem like a key. But maybe my missing it says more about me than the puzzle, I dunno. (It took me a while to figure out I had to push the box over with that board too, but I did get it.) In general, there aren't really any red herrings to the puzzles, and I felt like I had all the tools I needed, which I really liked.

*/end spoiler*

Other notes since it's fresh in my mind:

Everything looks wonderful. The fox animation was super great and even the orbiting of the sun made this feel a lot more "lived in" than The Witness. Which is maybe ironic since the white-heavy palette could be considered sterile in a way, but the way everything is kinda settled in, leaning on each other, also makes it feel like objects here have a story to tell. They're not perfectly erect; something has happened to them.

I also really like the notecard system, the actual notes themselves, and the way you can pick up and rotate objects. I liked the motion blur.

*one other minor, minor gripe: I got caught on the doorway coming up the stairs several times. urgh!

Anyway, kudos to you - can't wait to see what you work on next. I felt compelled to play it as soon as I saw a screenshot of it, I was compelled to finish it in a single sitting, and I enjoyed just about every moment of it. That's super rare.


That doorway IS a little small and skewed to fit your collider through... I will have to do some renovation there.

Thanks for stopping by to give me feedback, glad you liked it! I LOVE the longer puzzle games (though I havent tried Talos, I will have to...) where you really settle into a place and get to know it for a couple days... that was the plan with this, to make it longer if people liked it and want more. But when I do, stick to a series of small worldlets you can solve in about an hour apiece, like this one. So a longer coherent meal, but with courses... :)

That sounds like a really great way to do it! Looking forward to whatever you come up with next...


I'm oficially hooked.This game was amazing!The grafics were simple and clean.The puzzels were very thought out and fun to solve!My favorite puzzle was the last one.It was kinda dificult but after a few minutes i solved it.The music was realy charming and calm.I loved it a lot :3 Keep up the good work!

Thank you! RE: difficulty, how long did it end up taking you? 30-60 minutes like most people?

It took me around 20-45 minutes  :3


This game was a nice little puzzle game. The music was relaxing and even though I seem frustrated at times I really enjoyed the style and game :) I honestly can't wait for more. If you are reading this and want a pleasant experience to unwind from the day. Then give this a play.

p.s i complained about reading the notes but figured out how later in the game. Couldn't include the clip because of time restraints but just wanted to say that XD

Thanks, man! Yeah, okay... I think I need to get rid of the 'put clue away if you walk' thing. And sorry you played on a medium-quality-by-default build, where I hadn't thought of shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator :( figured it out tho! Glad you still really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed watching you!

I brute forced the code at the end XD but it was still a fun experience.  I really can't wait for your next project!


Beautiful visual design, a real unique rarity <3


i loved the game and it might have been complicated for some but most of the puzzles i got  right away except for the last one i had to write some stuff down. the motion blur was indeed a bit dissorienting and seeing the fox every now and then was pretty fun but the game in general should be just the right amount of hard to solve so people dont get too caught and dont get frustrated too much. and some might not like this because they want something harder but i think its okay just because its a game and not all people want it too hard.

overall great game i enjoyed it.

see you next time mister fox

It's supposed to be relaxing, not too brain-busting... but... I am imagining a hard/international version where there are only pictures drawn on the clue cards, not English language.


I freaking loved this game. If I'm being honest, a decent amount of the puzzles had me frustratingly stumped for a while, but the pay off in the end was well worth it. I only have two main gripes; the first one is that the two puzzles involving the plank are near impossible without knowing that you can knock over/pick up the plank (I had to look at other people's playthrough's to figure it out). Maybe in the next version there could be a mention in a note that implies the plank can be interacted with or an indicating mark on the plank itself that could help future players on that front. My second gripe is more of a nitpick, but maybe the game could go without camera motion blur. It's just kind of disorienting in general. Anyway, regardless of those two points, I loved the game! 

Hope to see you again, Fox ;)

Thank you so much. I think you and some other people complaining about moBlur are right... I don't need it, I barely notice it, it only serves to bog down some slower computers, why not lose it? I'll def make it an 'option' next revision, if not lose it altogether.

RE; the plank.... I think the problem might be that people are unaccustomed to items being used in this way. Up til that point, everything you can pick up and use is either a key or a suncube (a key by another name). I haven't given the player cause to look at items as actual physical things with possible practical uses... I don't want to get rid of the plank puzzle, and most of my testers figured it out and liked it, so maybe I'll just introduce the concept of practical items earlier, to get the player thinking in that direction. You DO have stones, I know, but they are useless. Hmm.

A lot of games of this type have the cursor react when the player moves it over an item that can be interacted with.  Maybe the cursor goes bold, or rotates, or something to indicate you can use whatever may be in its view, within a certain distance.


I absolutely loved it. I had to lower the resolution to the minimum because of my dinosaur computer, but the graphics were still outstanding and left me wondering how gorgeous it would be with the full resolution. Physics were incredibly realistic (I loved rolling the suncubes down the stairs). The visuals are memorable and makes me imagine this game is a painting come to life. The first puzzles were very simple, but the last one took me a few more minutes to figure it out. The ending was surprising and interesting. The sound effects and the music were very good. If this publisher makes more games they are now an instabuy for me.

I do hope we meet again, Fox.


Ha haha. Rolling the cubes down the stairs, yes! Me too. Thank you for the incredibly kind comment Nautilion. I'll try and get the full Foxhunt out as soon as possible for ya... the love from players like you helps!

I want to play this game because I love puzzles and this game looks well made but I started to play and I had to stop because whenever I  moved I  got really bad motion blur and it put me off the game completely...


Is it a kinda low-end computer/g.card? Can I recommend turning the resolution down in the start dialog window as low as it will go? Get back to me if that doesn't work with specs maybe?

I have a Macbook Pro running Sierra with 8GB or RAM


see thats the problem, just don't game on mac

Please shut up.


I loved this game! I got a little fustrated after doing the underground right, until I realised I had to go upstairs XD It was a strange sort of game, but it's charm is definitely there! Would recommend playing it, but just don't get fustrated like I did ¬.¬

It's okay to get frustrated... as long as you still want to try, and when you DO figure it out, you're like "Ohhhhhhhh!   I wasn't thinking! :o" ~not~   "oh. This game is designed bad."

I'm having a little bit of trouble considering that when I try opening the game, Everything is very dark and I can only see the screen where it says, "New Game, Instructions," Etc etc, And when I click "New Game", I can't see anything despite me having my brightness all the way up and I can hear the music playing. Is there anyway I can try and fix this? ^^;

Mm... I have no idea. Anyone else is having this problem? I certainly haven't seen this... does the menu fade to black and then all you see is a black screen? If the game was working you'd definitely see it, the entire game is very bright. But you hear the music playing so the scene definitely switched over...

Try a different resolution?

Hiya! I decided to play your game and record me doing it, and I have to say I absolutely love the entire thing! Thank you for making this game!

ps- Max did a great job on the music
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i am confused on where the red suncube is, i've looked for 1 hour now and i cant seem to find it    any help /hints  NEVER MIND I AM STUPED

however i love this game and the art style is beautiful

almost all the suncubes are on the rock where the door is on to the basement


A nice experience, the fox is cute, the landscape is beautiful, it all flows nicely.  Some of the puzzles felt like they were a bit too based on luck, but for the most part they were clever and unique.  I had fun, great game, and would love to see further expansion from you.


What a lovely game! It blends cuteness with a sort of eerie, never-ending winter landscape in your pursuit of the Fox via simple puzzles, scavenging and letters. I haven't finished yet, but I think I'm encountering a bug in the underground portion of the game with the cubes? The blue and red cubes (after activation) keep going through the walls whenever I toss them, leaving me unable to complete the puzzle. Help?

I'm working on a bug fix to help on a lot of these through-the-walls issues... there is no reason the blue and red should be more prone to this however...

Thank you!


I love the game and I have finished the game twise.

the music is abselutly fantasic

and I made this


OMG my first fan art!! I love you.

In case you didn't see it below, here is the music, by my uncle Max in Germany:


^^    and I have listend to the OST its fantastic!


This was really fun to play!

The ending made me smile :)


Nice game! I loved how relaxing it was while at the same time being an engaging puzzle game, and everything about the Fox was great.

As others have mentioned, I did notice the mouse sensitivities could get janky at times and objects could sometimes clip through walls (almost lost a cube because of it). One more bug I noticed is that during my playthrough (Mac version), my mouse kept on going outside of the window whenever I looked around too much during the game, which was a little annoying because I have hot corners that make my computer go to sleep when I move my mouse to the corner of my screen.

Other than that, great game!

This game was really fun! The puzzles were challenging but fair, although i did also have troubles with the third patter in the sequence. The sound design and the music were spot on for the type of endless desert setting of the game.  I hope you continue to make updates on this game ( as the end card did say it was a beta), and thank you for making this. 


Absolutely brilliant! Would love to see this fully completed (as it said in the end card it was a beta) or get a sequel, by far one of the best puzzle games I have ever played, good job!

P.S. Let your uncle know he did a fantastic job with the soundtrack, absolutely stunning!


Really nice game i have to say, but i'm still not sure if the game was causing my mouse to go all bananas - the sensitivity went up a lot -but besides i really enjoyed playing it, the fox even scared  me a few times :) Great job! 


Sorry you were having mouse problems... I think maybe the mouse acceleration I built in may be interacting with YOUR OS mouse acceleration? I watched your vid though, and at least one of those times the mouse jumped was a feature : ) ...the camera wanted you to look down at the red button clue, but you were already on your way down the ramp, so the game wrenched your camera 180 degrees, woops! You can always turn the sensitivity down in the game (main menu > options) to the lowest. Glad you liked it otherwise! Thanks for the playthrough!


I actually didn't though about the mouse acceleration, but after further inspection i've take a look in my Razer Synapse and i have it turned off.

Maybe the mouse was having a bad day lol. Thanx for the game, looking forward for more projects from you!


This was really really good!! My main problem is that when I played, there was no shadow alerting me to the third color in the pattern?? I don't know if it's my fault because I have my computer settings weird or if it's a bug but I don't want other people getting upset because they can't find it but have too much pride to go look at someone's video or try all the colors for the third one. I just wanted to let you know.

Hmm... shadows should be on in all three quality settings, even low. Are you on mac too?

No... I'm not on mac. The shadows usually worked, but the shadow of the apse just didn't show up beyond the shadows inside the apse? The lines and stuff were still there, just the shadow indicating that thing was like the only shadow that wasn't there.

I fixed this. Shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator in Low quality was something I didn't think about. Woops. I'm sorry.


You have a really nice game, i go make a video on your beautiful fox. GG


Lovely game!! I work for an indie publisher and we'd love to help you get the game on steam if you're interested. If you are, feel free to reach me at :) 


Great game!!!! Good JOB!!!!

Imaginative environment though the simple estetics and layout. 
Great character to The FOX and clever wordplay
the only thing i lacked was more interaction in the end.
But i could guess it would come further down the line.




Can't wait, I'm going to gather up my girl and my kid again and watch it together. We all loved the first one. My kid watches nothing but people streaming games on Amazon, so he loves-LOVES this... that I have a game now that people can stream... you made me the coolest step-dad in the land!


U don’t know how much you’ve touched my heart..all I wanted was to play games to entertain people and when I get comments like these, it kinda gives me hope that this could be bigger than I could imagine :D


Hiiii! I like your game so much! It has a fantastic style, menus, interactions, keep going !

Can i ask you were to find the main song? 

My uncle in Germany, Max Berghaus, made it for me.  It won't be available anywhere since he just made it for this... but let me ask if he'll put up a soundcloud or something. Thank you!


Six little pieces of music from my Unlce in Germany, Max Berghaus... with love...

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